Group Values

Environmental Protection

We are aware of the critical role of mitigating greenhouse gases and preventing soil, water, and air pollution in struggling with climate changes. We are contributing to environmental protection by the best solutions in waste recycling and energy recovery from unrecyclable wastes as well as disposal of the remaining wastes by the best techniques.


We do care sharing information and experience regarding the best waste management approach and options.


We are aware of the importance of creating processes and solutions by trying to develop next-generation technologies and systems. Thus, we promote approach differences and new ideas.


In line with our motto, which is “Sustainable Resource Management”, Recydia believes in a background established on integrity and reliability by all of the stakeholders in order to produce sustainable solutions in Waste Management.

Employee Motivation

We improve the motivation and loyalty of our employees by means of continuous training, recognition, and career opportunities.  Thanks to these opportunities, we find and hold the best talents in sustainable resource management who share the same values. We offer equal opportunities for our employees regardless of their gender, race, and religion at all.

Stakeholder Value

We provide benefits for all of our stakeholders along with reliability, innovation, and sustainability based on a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Shareholder Value

We create strong investment returns and shareholder values by means of reliable, high-quality, strategic and efficient management solutions and projects.