IV. Turkish-Deutsch Solid Waste Days - TAKAG 2015


Recydia attends the 6th TAKAG (Turkish-Deutsch Solid Waste Days) with its group companies; Hereko and Süreko. TAKAG’2015 which is organised as a result of scientific studies of Dokuz Eylül University, Ege University, Akdeniz University and Stuttgart University, held in İzmir Tepekule Convention and Exhibition Center this year. The main theme is; ‘’Resources Efficiency & Solid Waste Management’’ in the Congress to which many local and foreigner scientists, public institutes and private companies, representatives from The Ministry and Municipalites attend. Recydia attends the congress held between 26th-29th May, with a presentation made by  Quality and Environment Chief of Süreko; Ms Özge Erbulundu on 27th May. Besides introducing Recydia and its group companies; Mr Erbulundu mentions the investments and technical projects made by Recydia group. Süreko is also the technical and social visit sponsor of the congress so that Süreko hosts all the attendees at the breakfast in Kula on the last day of the congress. After the breakfast, all the attendees have a visit to Süreko Kula Plant. Recydia Marketing & Business Development Director, Mr Galip Tekiner gives information about the plant to the attendees and replies their questions about the plant and solid waste management. All the attendees including local and foreigner scientists express their pleasure due to the plant visit and information they receive.